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Understanding the pet microbiome

The millions of microbes in the human body, many of which located in our digestive system, have an important role in keeping us healthy.  This microscopic community and all the genes within it make up the microbiome.  

Pets have their unique microbiome too. The combination of bacteria in their microbiome is essential to their overall health. When a pet’s oral and gut microbiome is unbalanced, health issues like diarrhea, diabetes, gum disease or skin problems may appear.   

We're driving research into the oral and gut microbiome of cats, dogs and horses because the more we understand about the combinations of bacteria, the better equipped we are to: 

  • Predict future health  
  • Prevent or delay diseases through new diagnostics 
  • Better measure pets’ health  
  • Tailor diets to optimise pets’ health 


Research highlights

Thanks to our research, we now know:  


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Thought leaders

Learn more from our experts about how pet microbiome research can help us better understand pets' health needs.


World-renowned expert in microbiome research, Dr. Jan Suchodolski, shares the latest research on the puppy microbiome and why the gut microbiome has a significant influence on both healthy and disease states:

Waltham Vice President Kay O'Donnell shares why the pet microbiome is one of our key research priorities:

Dr.Corrin Wallis talks about cats' and dogs' oral microbiome - the bacterial populations that form dental plaque and how these are associated with periodontal or gum disease:














Listen in to Dr. Patricia Harris, Director of Science for Mars Horse Care and Head of the Equine Studies Group at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, as she shares how horses' microbiome can influence their performance and overall health.



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