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Pet Unit Specialist - Industrial Placement Student

We are looking for two second year Undergraduate students to join us from September 2021 for 12 months. The IP Unit Specialists will work with our cats and dogs on site in a role that is critical for the day to day delivery of research trials and also to ensure a high standard of care for our pets.

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Closing date: 2nd November 2020

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  • Data collection – Collect and record accurately all relevant samples and data
  • Delivery of dog/cat life skills training, recreation and socialisation
  • Husbandry and care – Deliver and record all care and husbandry tasks on your designated animal unit (e.g. feeding, grooming, clipping/trimming, tooth brushing and health checks)



Biobank Operations Leader

Mars Petcare intends to create and operate a large-scale research Biobank for cats and dogs. This will be achieved by recruiting thousands of pets and collecting rich data and biological samples over 10 years. This will be coordinated by The WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute and realized by combining capabilities from across the Mars Petcare family of healthcare businesses.

We're looking for a Biobank Operations Leader who will be responsible for the development and operation of this unique, strategic asset for pet healthcare science.

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Closing date: 26th November 2020


  • Deliver the overall programme to create and operate the biobank
  • Develop and maintain strategies for successful client recruitment and engagement
  • Coordinate and organize a diverse group of functional collaborators
  • Maintain/Develop external networks and awareness of biobank technology developments
  • Facilitate the transfer of quality data to the Mars Petcare Science Engine
  • Ensure the program complies to quality standards and milestones are delivered on time and within budget



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