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Careers at Waltham

Engineering Planner (Fixed-term maternity cover)

Do you have an engineering qualification and experience of working in a maintenance or project engineering role including activity and budget management? If yes we may have a role for you!

The Engineering Planner role bridges the research, laboratory, and operations teams to ensure that maintenance activities are completed 24 hours a day seven days a week, with no impact to the ongoing research, scientific studies, and operations of the science institute.

This is a great opportunity for someone to join the team for a fixed term, gaining great experience in doing so.

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You will

  • Deliver advanced planning and coordination of maintenance schedules across mechanical and electrical disciplines
  • Develop, organise, and review all maintenance plans for Waltham
  • Maintain and evolve “SAP PM Module” including asset history and health check requirements
  • Use data and metrics to plan 15-year horizon activities for the campus incorporating Masterplan and Asset Health Check requirements
  • Be responsible for maintaining all assets and work within current maintenance budgets, timeframes, and critical research study paths
  • Cover the Capital Projects Manager’s work.

Research Manager - Biomarkers of Disease

Do you have a proven record in leading, developing, and delivering a high-quality research program related to health and/or disease states through a team? If yes we may have the job for you!

We're looking for an experience manager to join our research team. This role is responsible for the ongoing development and management of a program of research focused on biomarkers of disease, including the use of biomarkers to support the development and validation of interventions to support the health of pets with clinical conditions. This is delivered through a team of up to 10 technical associates that initiate, manage and report up to 20 research projects. Projects will primarily be delivered in collaboration with partners across the Mars Veterinary Health business, as well as with internal or external research institute.

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You will:

  • With the Healthcare Senior Research Manager, define and manage a high-quality research portfolio
  • Lead and develop a team of research scientists
  • Develop collaborations across Mars Petcare and Universities/institutes to deliver a range of clinical studies in client-owned pets.
  • Integrate scientific knowledge with business, intellectual property and regulatory constraints to deliver results that can be leveraged to support products and commercial application
  • Establish a network with key opinion formers within the veterinary research community. 
  • Identify key external strategic partners and establish peer relationships in service of delivering research goals and building Waltham’s reputation in companion animal biomarkers research
  • Deliver an external communication plan of research outputs

Senior Research Scientist - Biomarkers

Do you have experience in biological science research, in particular knowledge of emerging large-scale data-driven approaches?

This role will initiate, gain approval for, resource, manage and report internal and external research projects that are aligned and deliver against the strategic goals of the Mars Petcare healthcare science programme. Specifically, in the discovery and validation of genomic and other -omics biomarkers of disease and the application of these in the development of health monitoring tool and/or diagnostics and to evaluate the efficacy of interventions specifically relevant to companion animals.

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You will:

  • Formulate, design and direct internal and external research projects, utilising both internal and external expertise. 
  • ​​​​Develop new genomic analysis and -omics methodologies and capabilities that advance of knowledge of health and disease.   
  • Provide appropriate critical analysis and communication of project results, information and business implications through reports, presentations and publications to a variety of audiences.
  • Define, negotiate and supervise appropriate resources for successful implementation of projects.
  • Maintain awareness of relevant scientific advances, identifying and implementing new technology, and conducting risk assessments.

Research Scientist

A rare opportunity has come up for someone to join our research team as a research scientist!

Do you have experience in designing and implementing research studies? Are you're looking to contribute to pet-friendly research?  Do you like the idea of working as part of a team that is key in delivering scientific advancements to Mars Petcare brands globally? If yes, this may be the role for you!

The job holder will deliver approved animal research studies in line with Mars ethical standards and the Waltham caring science approach. You'll be responsible for delivering technical and practical aspects of  studies, primarily be delivered in collaboration with partners across the Mars Veterinary Health business, as well as with other part of the Mars Petcare business, or external research institutes.

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You will:

  • Manage, implement and deliver internal research studies, including supporting assessment techniques and data collection.
  • Design, produce and communicate research study protocols and generate support materials for research studies. 
  • Collate and run quality control of scientific data
  • Communicate study findings in verbal and written form to the relevant internal audiences. 
  • Develop and continuously improve laboratory or animal techniques in support of research studies, to include training personnel. 
  • Co-ordinate and direct research study teams of up to 20 people.

Veterinary Nurse Specialist

Are you a veterinary nurse with experience in general practice? Looking for something slightly different?

We have an amazing opportunity for nurses that want to join us in delivering on our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. We offer a stable work pattern, with no night or on call work, and with direct day to day contact with our pets, so you can keep your clinical skills up to date.

In this role, you will deliver and support the provision of veterinary care to our pet population. This underpins the effective and efficient delivery of the science programme at Waltham.

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Multiple roles available

You will:

  • Deliver routine and non-routine veterinary care for one or more pet units.
  • Triage veterinary and animal health related queries.
  • deliver routine veterinary related tasks. For example weighing of animals, adjusting dietary requirements and delivering preventative treatments such as vaccinations.
  • Collection of health and research data from our dogs and cats (e.g. bodyweights, oral health assessments).
  • Perform animal health checks.
  • Identify and act upon continuous improvement initiatives .
  • Support cat/dog breeding programmes.
  • Deliver veterinary treatments and responding to veterinary queries during core hours at weekends.

Animal Trainer (Cat/Dog)


Does your dream job involve training cats and/or dogs? If yes them we have the perfect role for you!

We're currently recruiting individuals to join our animal trainer team.
This role is essential to ensure the pet population is fit for purpose to ensure the deliver of the WALTHAM™ research program, and that Waltham also continues to deliver the highest possible standards of animal training and enrichment

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You will:

  • Deliver trial related training to cats and dogs
  • Perform non-regulated research procedures, e.g. urine collection.
  • Enable regulated research procedures, by holding pets or cueing pets for position .
  • Deliver life and core skill training to kittens and puppies.
  • Record data for measuring training progress
  • Identify new behaviours of our pets that open research opportunities in line with the WALTHAM™ Caring Science Approach.
  • Drive your own development in the field of pet training.
  • Train pets with specific training needs

Pet Unit Specialist - multiple roles available

Are you interested in a career in science? Would you enjoy a hands-on role working with cats and/or dogs?

We're currently recruiting for pet specialists to join our cat and dog team. You will support the delivery of our science programme, as well as providing a very high standard of care for our pets.

At Waltham, we believe research can be done in a caring way, and as a Pet Specialist you would be instrumental to fulfil that. The scientific findings we generate reach millions of pets worldwide through Mars Petcare products and services

If you're passionate about animals and looking for your next move then please click here to find out more and apply.

You will:

  • Deliver the tasks required for our studies. This involves collecting data or biological samples from our pets (E.g., faeces or urine).
  • Provide care for our dogs and cats through animal husbandry and training, using positive reinforcement.
  • Working safely and to a high quality - identify and propose improvements to what we do and how we do it. You will also be directly responsible for the quality of the data we collect from our pets
  • Work weekends and bank holidays on a rota pattern

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