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We currently have the following vacancies:

Senior Research Scientist – Mass Spectrometry


We are recruiting for a Senior Research Scientist to help establish and develop an advanced mass spectrometry capability using FT-ICR-MS (Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry). Through a partnership between our research teams and external experts, you will drive innovation that will be deployed in through the global family of Mars Petcare brands.

Closing date:  7 August 2020
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• Develop, optimise and validate new approaches to characterise complex samples and identify compounds using FT-ICR-MS.

• Establish, enhance and deploy advanced mass spectrometry capability at Waltham to better understand pet food composition

• Maintain current awareness of developments in the fields of investigative analytical chemistry and complex mixture characterization.


Funded PhD Studentship – Addressing microbiological problems within the ornamental fish trade


Fish are the most numerous pet kept in UK households with a plethora of products sold to hobbyists to improve fish health. Disease is one of the main factors influencing ornamental fish welfare, with additional human health implications as some fish diseases may transfer to humans.
We are partnering with the University of West Scotland to fund a PhD project to explore the efficacy of existing antimicrobial products sold to home aquarium owners.

Closing date:  13 August 2020
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• During this PhD, you will provide key data to improve existing tools in combating fish disease with economic and welfare implications for the ornamental industry.

• Demonstrate excellent laboratory skills, and have experience with microbiology techniques


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