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Senior Research Scientist job vacancy (Biomarkers)

We've got an exciting opportunity to join our research team!

You will be responsible for designing and delivering projects in key strategic research areas for the Biomarkers of Disease Team.

Your projects may be conducted in house, or in collaboration with internal or external research institutes, as well as with partners across Mars Veterinary Health.  You'll use your  knowledge of mics/veterinary/animal science to develop innovative studies and produce results that can be translated into effective product development and service delivery (effective for the consumer and business).

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You will

  • Effectively manage and deliver multiple high-value interdisciplinary projects in key priority areas. 

  • Be responsible for ensuring results are effectively translated into product development and service delivery.

  • Establish a network with key internal and external stakeholders to facilitate project delivery. 

  • Communicate scientific outputs

  • Provide advice on matters of subject expertise to the wider business.

Laboratory Scientist – Analytical Chemist job vacancy


We have an exciting opportunity to join the Waltham Laboratory Team!

As an analytical chemist, you will be responsible for carrying out a variety of experimental techniques and methodologies, with a high degree of competence and technical skill to meet the needs of research projects. The data you will produce will contribute to scientific discoveries which will support the creation of new or improved products and services that reach millions of pets across the world to make a better world for pets.

Being part of the Waltham laboratory team you will work on additional projects focused on improving our health and safety, quality, engagement or equipment. These projects will need both independent and group work to deliver and continually improve our laboratory ways of working.

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  • Perform a variety of existing laboratory methodologies and processes providing high quality data
  • Use scientific knowledge and understanding to provide input during project discussions 
  • Drive validation of new methodologies and contribute to the development, refinement and troubleshooting of relevant methodologies.
  • Perform your own method development and troubleshooting expertise on either LCMS or GCMS
  • Carry out maintenance of key laboratory equipment
  • Provide high quality training and support to other laboratory scientists on methodologies and laboratory ways of working. 
  • Communicate research data via written communication or presentation.
  • Ensure regular communication to the Principle investigator
  • Maintain an accurate and detailed electronic laboratory notebook of all experimental work
  • Work with the wider laboratory team to drive efficiency and optimal ways of working
  • Contribute to written reports and input into scientific publications
  • Carry out work within the laboratory in accordance with QMP and HS&E requirements.


Pet (cat and dog) Unit Specialist job vacancy (Contractor Position)

Are you a team player, passionate about animal research? Would you enjoy a hands-on role working with cats and dogs? Are you keen to join us in using science to drive our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS

If yes, then we look forward to hearing from you! Our Pet Specialist roles play a key part in delivering our research program and every day, you get to work with our cats and dogs.

Please note this is a contractor position.

Find out more and apply here.

You will

  • Deliver the tasks for our research studies including collecting data or biological samples from our pets (e.g. faeces or urine).
  • Provide care for our dogs and cats through animal husbandry and training, using positive reinforcement.
  • Work safely and to a high quality.

Global Director, Science Communications & Engagement job vacancy


The new Mars Petcare Division, Science & Diagnostics, is looking for an experienced corporate communicator to help us engage with key audiences about advances in science, data and technology. 

Through the science and expertise at the Waltham and across Mars Petcare, we aim to be a global scientific leader, shaping the future of the pet care industry in pet nutrition, healthspan, human-animal bond and longitudinal studies including the Mars Petcare Biobank.

You position will lead the execution of communications strategies that help our global internal and external audiences understand how our science delivers on our purpose and why that matters to them.

The person in this position also acts as the site communications head for Waltham. You will work closely with Waltham leadership team to create and implement internal and external communications strategies as relevant for local Associates and external partners.

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You will

  • Streamline the scientific themes/programmes focused on the Mars Petcare purpose and amplify the science stories/narrative.
  • Building our reputation as a science-based organisation seeking to improve pet’s lives based on science data and technology. 
  • Take part in developing annual communication strategies and execution.
  • Develop science content and materials/adapt global materials and manage the internal review process and oversee media and stakeholder engagement.
  • Lead and manage science media & advocacy relations 
  • Monitor and manage issues that could impact success or company reputation.
  • Integrate communications efforts with cross-functional teams to ensure strategic, consistent, and effective communications on key topics/issues/initiatives.

Trial Support Technician job vacancy (Contractor role)

We have an exciting opportunity to join our laboratory team as a Trial Support Technician.

Our Trial Support Technicians are key in preparation and logistics for trials at Waltham to ensure successful implementation of studies. Their role is based primarily in the laboratory and includes a wide range of tasks such as preparing laboratory consumables, equipment and solutions for studies, processing samples ready for lab analysis, recording data, and contributing to study meetings. By carrying out activities to support our laboratory, they help ensure our studies run smoothly and allow the laboratory team to generate data and insights that help pets across the globe.

Please note this is a contractor position.

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You will

  • Prepare laboratory consumables, equipment and solutions for studies
  • Process samples ready for lab analysis
  • Record data
  • Contribute to study meetings
  • Carry out activities to support out laboratory

Veterinary Nurse Specialist job vacancy

Are you a registered veterinary nurse with experience in general practice? Looking for a job slightly different?

We have an amazing vacancy for vet nurses that want to join us in delivering on our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. We offer a stable work pattern, with no night or on call work, and with direct day to day contact with our pets, so you can keep your clinical skills up to date.

In this role, you will deliver and support the provision of veterinary care to our pet population. This underpins the effective and efficient delivery of the science programme at Waltham.

Apply here

Multiple roles available

You will:

  • Deliver routine and non-routine veterinary care for one or more pet units.
  • Triage veterinary and animal health queries.
  • deliver routine veterinary related tasks. E.g., weighing  animals, adjusting dietary requirements and delivering preventative treatments such as vaccinations.
  • Collection of health and research data from our dogs and cats (e.g. bodyweights, oral health assessments).
  • Perform animal health checks.
  • Identify and act upon continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Support cat/dog breeding programmes.
  • Deliver veterinary treatments and answer veterinary queries during core hours at weekends.

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