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Careers at WALTHAM

Statistician - 12 month assignment

We are looking for a statistician to join our team on an 12 month assignment

You'll contribute to our research program by designing experiments and analysing experimental data.

We takes a scientific and data-driven approach based on experimental data generated at WALTHAM, and on big data from genetic testing, activity monitors and electronic health records. Mining these connected data sets with advanced analytical methods allows us to generate new insights which will contribute to our purpose; A Better World for Pets

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Closing Date: 22nd December

Please note this is a contractor position

  • Perform experimental design and statistical analysis for experimental scientific research studies.
  • Report clearly and communicate results to scientists and other stakeholders.
  • Peer-review scientific work for a diversity of stakeholders using a rigorous quality standard.
  • Train and educate the research team on statistical methodologies to instil a culture of formal and objective experimental science work.
  • Advocate the purpose of data-driven research and working to high scientific standards.

Data Analytics Project Manager

We're looking for a data analytics project manager to lead major digital transformation programmes that enable powered-by-data science at WALTHAM and throughout the Petcare ecosystem.

These programmes include data infrastructure development, people upskilling, and predictive model deployment activities. This is a new position created to address the increasing number of programmes run by the WALTHAM data analytics team.

Closing Date: 4th December 2020

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  • Define and scope digital transformation programmes based on the Petcare ecosystem science strategic goals.
  • Manage data infrastructure, people upskilling, and predictive model deployment projects.
  • Strategic stakeholder management and communication for digital transformation science programmes.
  • Advocate the purpose of the Data Analytics team at WALTHAM and across the Petcare Ecosystem. 



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