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At WALTHAM we produce materials to support professionals working in pet nutrition, human animal interaction (HAI) and wellbeing. These range from scientific journal articles and pocket books, to practical tools such as healthy weight management scoring systems, all aimed at making the world better for pets.

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WALTHAM Booklets

In collaboration with scientific experts, WALTHAM has produced a series of pocket booklets to share knowledge on various aspects of pet care.

The latest of these booklets, the WALTHAM Pocket Book of Human-Animal Interactions was produced in collaboration with Dr James Serpell from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. 

It is a valuable introduction to human-animal interactions for everyone interested in pets, from people sharing their lives with pets to those working within pet care and related industries. 

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WALTHAM Publications

With over 600 peer reviewed publications since the 1960s, we take great pride in sharing key findings with the scientific and pet care communities, helping to create a better world for pets across the globe.
Our most recent publication is:

Szabo,D., Gee, N., Miklosi, A. Natural or pathologic? Discrepancies in the study of behavioural and cognitive signs in aging family dogs. Journal of Veterinary Behavior. 2016; 11: 86-98.

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Other Resources

WALTHAM has developed a number of tools to help owners to assess the body condition of their pets and resources to help experts working in the area of human-animal interaction research.
In 2006 WALTHAM in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, UK, published The WALTHAM S.H.A.P.E.™ Guides; a simple, reliable tool for owners to assess the body condition of their dog or cat.  From: German AJ, Holden SL, Moxham GL, Holmes KL, Hackett RM, Rawlings JM. A simple, reliable tool for owners to assess the body condition of their dog or cat. 2006. J Nutr 136:2031S-2033S

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