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We are currently seeking applications for the following roles:

The role will provide a key link to translate the research programme into laboratory practice through a high degree of technical knowledge and expertise. As part of the laboratory team, you will assist in the planning of research projects and conduct laboratory experiments using existing methodologies or by developing new methods and technologies. You will also be responsible for ownership of the molecular biology lab to ensure high quality and health and safety standards, oversight of resources and provide high standards of training and supervising of others.

The purpose of this role is to deliver day to day direct training with both dog and cats of all life stages, measuring the training success, changing and modifying your approach depending on the individual’s needs.

This role is responsible for the delivery of all pet care and husbandry tasks for our cats and dogs, such as feeding, grooming, weighing, exercising, socialising and monitoring health status. You will also be involved in the training of core behaviours and habituation, as well as collecting and recording data for research trials.

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We are also currently seeking applications for the following student opportunities:

PhD Studentship

Recent advances in high throughput sequencing techniques have facilitated the description of the microbiome with a wide range of applications. Current platforms enable the full molecular description of complex microbial communities and have furthered our understanding of the host microbiome interaction and the influence of the microbiota on health. This understanding has been extended to pet health, however knowledge is often limited to molecular analyses of abundance (of genes or taxa) providing limited understanding of bacterial metabolism and function.

During this PhD, the student will work to further our understanding of the faecal microbiome of dogs and cats, as an indicator of the gut microbiome.

This fully-funded full-time PhD will be based at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. It will be supervised by Professor Anthony Hilton (Aston University) alongside Dr Zoe Marshall-Jones (WALTHAM) and Dr Zoe Lonsdale (WALTHAM).

Industrial Placements

At the forefront of research and pet care operations at WALTHAM, this role is both challenging and rewarding. The purpose of the Operation Team is to generate high quality innovative scientific data that is conducted in a caring way. This Unit Specialist placement is integral to delivering this by the provision of data from research trials and the delivery of trial support, including the individual care, development and maintenance of our pets.

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