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Careers at WALTHAM

We currently have the following vacancies:

Student Industrial Placement - Pet Unit Specialists

We have industrial placements available for two second year undergraduate students to join the team at the WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute, the global research centre for Mars Petcare. As part of a broader team, this role is critical to the day to day delivery of our research trials, as well as ensuring a high standard of welfare to our pets.
The placements will start in September 2020 for 12 months. To find out more about our placements and hear from previous students here.

Closing date: 23 February 2020

Find out what life at WALTHAM is like from Debi, one of current Unit Specialists here.
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Data collection – Collect and record accurately all relevant animal samples and data

Delivery of dog/cat life skills training, recreation and socialisation

Husbandry – Deliver and record all tasks on your designated animal unit (e.g. feeding, grooming, clipping/trimming, tooth brushing and health checks)


We have a 12 month assignment in our Experimental Science Statistics team. The role will help to shape experimental design of research projects  as well to provide expert analysis on study completion.

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Perform experimental design and statistical analysis work for experimental scientific research studies. Report clearly and communicate results to scientists and other stakeholders. Peer-review scientific work for a diversity of stakeholders using a rigorous quality standard.

Train and educate the research team on statistical methodologies to instil a culture of formal and objective experimental science work

Advocate the purpose of data-driven research and work to high scientific standards.

Data Scientist

We have a 12 month assignment in our Data Analytics team. This role is part of our scientific and data-driven approach on experimental data generated at WALTHAM, as well as big data from genetic testing, activity monitors and electronic health records. By bringing their expertise, this role will support mining these connected data sets with advance analytical methods allows us to generate new insights.

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Execute and deliver on data science projects taking responsibility for data modelling and analysis, including deep learning and machine learning, and data management and reporting

Work with key stakeholders across the organisation to identify and define value-adding data science projects across our clients organisation.

Advocate the purpose of data-driven research and work to high scientific standards

Have an up-to-date knowledge on data modelling/analysis and data management methods and tools

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