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Future focused: harnessing the power of preventive health for pets

Our cutting-edge science is leading the way in exploring how we can help veterinary professionals and pet owners change the way that pets are cared for now and in the future through preventive healthcare. 

We want to catch diseases early

Just like humans, our pets face a rising number of health challenges that can negatively impact their wellbeing and quality of life.
-   Obesity – affects an estimated 56% of dogs and 60% of cats in the USA and is the #1 threat to pet health
-   Diabetes – which, when uncontrolled, can cause blindness, seizures and kidney failure in pets
-   Chronic Kidney Disease – the #1 killer of cats over age five
-   Osteoarthritis – impacts up to 50% of all dogs and cats, causing them pain and even lameness

Experts around the world agree a preventive health approach is key for improving the wellbeing and quality of life of humans and animals alike. But how?

Preventive health means taking measures to:
-   Prevent disease before it appears. This means, for example, staying up to date with vaccinations and eating an appropriate and balanced diet. 
-   Identify health problems as early as possible. For the general public, this means attending regular health screenings or dental check-ups, so you can take action to manage problems before they get worse. And for researchers, this can mean taking an inside look at the biomarkers that can be early signs of disease. 

So how do we get there?

We are using artificial intelligence (AI) to spot trends in predictors of disease – known as biomarkers – to develop algorithms that can ultimately predict disease earlier than clinical onset. This will enable us to  help veterinarians provide more tailored, efficient care, enable a more holistic approach to pet healthcare, and, ultimately,  deliver our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™ .

Harnessing the power of AI to tackle the #1 killer of cats over five

A new tool – the first of many Mars Petcare tools that will predict disease - recently launched and tackles the #1 cause of death for cats over five: chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Available through Antech Diagnostic’s reference laboratory network in the U.S., the RenalTechTM  tool is an AI-driven model that predicts CKD up to two years before it clinical diagnosis. Leveraging the anonymized medical data from more than 150,000 Banfield Pet Hospital® patient visits over 20 years,  RenalTechTM can predict CKD with greater than 95% accuracy. 

Described as a paradigm shift for veterinary medicine, this tool allows veterinarians to move from disease detection to disease prediction, giving veterinarians and pet owners the knowledge to implement personalized care plans as early as possible – improving the lives of cats and redefining preventive care. 

We are uncovering ground-breaking insights like this to enable a new era of proactive, preventive health care for pets – building the future of pet health together, today

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More about preventive health

Pet Insight Project: unlocking insights into why a pet’s behaviour may indicate health issues by using a smart device for early detection.

Our pets’ behavior has hidden insights into their well-being. In the past two years, the team at Pet Insight Project have quantified and analysed over 10 million days of behavioural information from over 90,000 dogs using Whistle FIT monitors to capture those behaviors and help determine how they relate to our pets’ overall wellbeing. Their work has led to new discoveries about the early identification of health issues including dermatologic (skin) disorders via monitoring of a dog’s round-the-clock behaviour, including sleep patterns, scratching habits and barking using the Whistle FIT smart collar.

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WISDOM PANEL: identifying genetic health conditions that patients may face in their lifetime by analysing a small DNA sample during a puppy’s first veterinary visit.

The Wisdom Panel canine DNA test is providing new insights for veterinarians into the specific health needs of dogs through the extensive ancestry and genetic health screening for more than 150 conditions. 

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