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Joining forces with biotech companies to advance preventive pet health care

We are partnering with biotech companies Diversigen, Inc. and Synomics to harness the power of AI and big data and investigate new ways to prevent and predict conditions affecting pets’ health. The research will focus on understanding how the pet microbiome impacts cat and dog health, as well as new methods to predict canine disease risk.  

Understanding the pet microbiome  

As part of the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK™ project, our scientists will examine the changes in the gut microbiome participating cats and dogs to look for ways we can improve pet health.. To help us do that, we’re collaborating with Diversigen, Inc., a company with unparalleled experience studying the microbiome of living organisms. They will sequence the DNA of the microorganisms in the samples from cats and dogs of all breeds and breed makeups, which will be collected for the biobank.  

By using those results in conjunction with other data, our scientists will aim to generate new insights about what healthy cat and dog microbiomes look like and investigate the influence of diet and the gastrointestinal microbiome on health and disease.   

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Building algorithms to assess dogs’ disease risk   

We are also working with Synomics, the biological insights technology start-up, who will analyse anonymised pet data and using the power of AI to build new ways to predict a dog’s risk of developing disease.  

These partnerships underscore our continuous efforts to advance the science behind preventive pet health, in service of our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.   

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