Meet Our Experts

WALTHAM has a broad research portfolio delivered by a diverse team of scientists, veterinarians and animal behaviour specialists.

Meet some of our experts and learn about their work.

Niran Patel in the lab

Niran Patel discovers new microscopic occupants in dogs' mouths

Oliver Deusch

Oliver Deusch investigates the impact of diet on gut bacteria in cats

Matt Gibbs

Matt Gibbs explores a bitter world for pets

Matt Harrison speaking_220px

Matt Harrison performs a nutritional balancing act

Corrin Wallis 220px

Corrin Wallis shines a light on gum disease in pets

Hemmler computer_220px

Daniel Hemmler unpicks the chemistry of cooking

Scott McGrane

Scott McGrane gels with the science of flavour perception

Sophie Bradley w Tinks_220px

Sophie Bradley helps felines feel-lean

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