Designed to help you to better understand your pet and their nutritional and health requirements, the booklets are available for download free of charge.

WALTHAM Booklets Dogs

Healthy Weight Maintenance for Cats and Dogs

Regularly monitoring pets’ weight and body condition is vital to good health. The booklet offers simple solutions to help ensure they remain within the ideal range. Edited by Dr Alex German, Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine at University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science and Dr Richard Butterwick, Global Nutrition Advisor at WALTHAM.


Essential Nutrition for Cats and Dogs

Co-authored by Professor Dominique Grandjean from the National Veterinary School of Alfort, France and Dr Richard Butterwick, Global Nutrition Advisor at WALTHAM, the booklet reviews each essential nutrient required by cats and dogs and helps to define what is meant by a complete and balanced diet.


Puppy Nutrition and Care

Co-authored by Dr Richard Butterwick, Global Nutrition Advisor at WALTHAM and Dr Richard Hill from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, the booklet is a concise reference containing the most essential information about puppies, including the importance of appropriate nutrition and socialisation/care tips.


Human-Animal Interactions

Edited by Dr Sandra McCune (WALTHAM) and Dr James Serpell (University of Pennsylvania), the booklet is a valuable introduction to human-animal interactions for everyone interested in pets, from owners to those working within the pet care and related industries.

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