The WALTHAM S.H.A.P.E.™ Guides:

A simple, reliable tool for owners to assess the body condition of their dog or cat. (German AJ, Holden SL, Moxham GL, Holmes KL, Hackett RM, Rawlings JM. 2006. J Nutr 136:2031S-2033S)

Dog Labrador puppy standing

WALTHAM Faeces Scoring System

A useful tool for both veterinarians and pet owners for consistent and objective measurement and subsequent comparison in the changes observed in faeces quality in cats and dogs.

Dog multiple eating

WALTHAM Brochure

Overview of how WALTHAM helps drive science and technology at Mars Petcare to create a better world for pets, describing the centre's role and commitment to pet welfare. A number of key areas of WALTHAM research, including nutrition, human-animal interaction, fish care and equine studies are highlighted.

Human-Animal Interaction Resources
Banfield Pet Hospital - State of Pet Health Reports
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