WALTHAM at American Society of Animal Sciences Conference

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WALTHAM Science presented at the American Society of Animal Sciences conference

WALTHAM researcher Dr Adrian Hewson-Hughes was invited to speak at the recent American Society of Animal Sciences conference in Phoenix, Arizona, 15-19 July 2012.

His presentation, entitled “New findings in the obligate carnivore-omnivore debate: Regulation of macronutrient intake in cats and dogs,” highlighted research into the instinctive feeding behaviour of cats and dogs carried out by the nutrition and metabolism team at WALTHAM. “WALTHAM is at the forefront of research in this area of pet nutrition” said Dr Hewson-Hughes. “I feel very proud that I had the opportunity to talk about this groundbreaking WALTHAM science to a group of animal science experts.” 

The research in cats was published last year in the Journal of Experimental Biology and the findings in dogs have recently been accepted for publication in Behavioral Ecology.

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