A Complete and Balanced Guide to Pet Foods & Feeding

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May 2017

A Complete and Balanced Guide to Pet Foods & Feeding


New free online resources launched for veterinary students and professionals that cover the different types of pet food, manufacturing, regulation and feeding.

People are increasingly aware that food choices can influence health, with numerous related articles published each week. This trend is also reflected in the pet food aisle of an average supermarket or specialist pet store. The choice has never been so complex, with pet owners having more options than ever before.  As a consequence, many owners are increasingly seeking information about the foods they feed to their pet, and the veterinary profession is often the reliable source to whom they turn for advice.

“It is great to have partnered with WikiVet to have these materials widely available to veterinary professionals” commented WALTHAM’s Richard Butterwick, one of the contents’ authors. “This forms a source of credible information that vets can use to help the answer the concerns of pet owners”.

Expert topic guidance
Experts cover a broad range of topics, such as the pros and cons of different types of pet foods all the way through to the regulations that underpin pet food manufacturing. Other topics include commonly used ingredients as well as how to understand pet food labels and feeding guides.

The content has been written by industry experts including Dr Jacques Debraekeleer, European Veterinary Specialist and ECVCN member, and Dr Richard Butterwick, Global Nutrition Advisor at WALTHAM. It has also been independently edited by Dr David Dzanis of Regulatory Discretion Inc, Dr Sarah Abood of Sit, Stay, Speak Nutrition LLC, Prof George Fahey of University of Illinois and Prof Dan Chan, Royal Veterinary College.

Global Partnership
WikiVet is a collaborative resource that aims to support and enhance veterinary education globally through the development of high quality web-based knowledge and learning content. This is the third part in a series of content that Mars Petcare has partnered with WikiVet. The first section launched in 2014 and covered cat and dog dentistry, with the second module on cat and dog nutrition launched in 2015.

The online reference material is freely available to veterinary students, practising veterinarians and vet nurses across the globe with more than 55,000 registered users from over 90 countries. 

Veterinary professionals can access the free resource at www.wikivet.net

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