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The power of faecal analysis
Microbiome, Nutrition

The power of fecal analysis

cute kitten lying on radiator

Neutered female kittens require portion control to stay at a healthy weight

kittens in field
Nutrition, Microbiome

How dietary protein levels influence gut bacteria in kittens

Cat eating from bowl

Commercial dry pet food can significantly benefit the oral health of cats and dogs

cat stalking in long grass

Cats prefer food similar to their natural prey

Cat eating from bowl

Cat foods need the perfect combination of great flavour and nutrition

person feeding cat

How cats can achieve a consistent intake of macronutrients

obese cat at vet clinic
Welfare and Behaviour, Nutrition

The danger of pet obesity

cat playing in the grass

Cats benefit from increased dietary moisture

cats grooming each other

Diets high in fat don't impact healthy cats' cholesterol

Mars associate in pet food factory operating a machine

New technology allows continuous sampling of food in a can during sterilisation

cat licking nose

A new way to test new umami flavours that might appeal to cats