WSAVA-WALTHAM Animal Welfare & Wellness Committee

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association-Waltham Animal Welfare and Wellness Committee hosted a special Animal Wellness and Welfare Stream at the North American Veterinary Congress in Florida in January

Welfare and Behaviour

Dr John Rawlings and Dr Karyl Hurley represent WALTHAM on this committee.

The Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee (AWWC) was formed in 2009 thanks primarily to the efforts of Drs Roger Clarke of Australia and Ray Butcher, a UK-based veterinarian, who have dedicated their careers to advancing animal welfare and had the foresight to ensure that animal welfare was enshrined as one of the WSAVA’s four key ‘pillars’. The AWWC works closely with other WSAVA committees in delivering its goals, in particular the Continuing Education Committee and the One Health Committee. It has recently conducted an initial research study to help committee members better understand the global landscape of regional welfare issues so that it can plan and prioritise its future activity programme.

The AWWC goal is to make welfare issues an everyday consideration for small animal veterinarians and to ensure that the WSAVA becomes a proactive and respected partner within international welfare circles, providing an opinion that balances compassion with science and practical needs. This important work is proudly supported by WALTHAM.
The key goals of the work are to:

  • To promote advances in animal welfare and wellness around the world through enhanced veterinary care

  • To work with other committees within the WSAVA to provide the resources – information, CE, toolkits etc - to facilitate these advances

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WSAVA WALTHAM Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee