Will Team Slug slide into reality?

With heavy hearts, the third and final day of the workshop began with a tough decision. Which session to attend?



Roundup of Day 3 at the first European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN) Workshop

With heavy hearts, the third and final day of the workshop began with a tough decision. Which session to attend? The group split, with half the attendees discussing tips on publishing papers and the rest put through their paces with some mock research grant planning. The teams then reconvened to share summaries and key points with the whole group.

Down in the secret underground bunker, Marcus Claus assembled a group of new recruits. Their mission was to gather hints and tips on writing and publishing scientific papers. With eager eyes and ears, they explored why integrity and honesty were so important when publishing scientific results. But these values also held true for reviewing manuscripts, with problems in hiding behind the anonymity of peer-review. Other notable points were to ensure your surveillance intelligence is accurate for a specific area; make sure you dig deep to the original source material by checking out each citation. Is the study and the authors’ conclusion valid?

Meanwhile, above ground those working on strategic planning of research grants were in full flow, divided into two groups with the same objective: identify and trial novel proteins sources for animal feed. After brainstorming within groups, each presented their plan to a critical panel. Clearly enthused by their plan, Team Slug showcased their research proposal about using slugs and snails, along with a specially choreographed “slug dance”, whilst Team Microalgae presented all the merits of their plan to investigate the use of microalgae as a protein source. Having survived the initial onslaught, the teams were then asked to consider their group dynamics with reference to the previous day’s EQ session. Surprisingly their top take away points were the importance of empathy between team members and the value of each other’s strengths in the group. All agreed that success requires diverse teams with important roles for both the creative members and the detail-focused members.

And, there endeth the first ESVCN workshop. A truly successful event with many positive comments. To catch up some of the great tips that were shared during the workshop, visit the dedicated Twitter feed for the event (no Twitter account required) www.twitter.com/younganinutr