WALTHAM in Dog Fancy Magazine

The Amazing Human and Dog Bond

Human Animal Interaction

The January 2013 edition of Dog Fancy highlights research into how we can benefit both physically and emotionally through our relationship with dogs. Dr Sandra McCune, Scientific Leader of Human-Animal Interaction Research at WALTHAM, explains how dog walkers are more likely to meet guidelines for adequate physical activity and also how many governments are sponsoring research studies investing the positive impact of dog ownership on human health.

Reproduced with kind permission from Lynn M Hayner and the editors of Dog Fancy.

More than a dozen major United States research centres, plus many around the world, are investigating the intriguing bond between human and dog as part of a larger effort to study human-animal interaction. Their research indicates our dogs play increasingly familial roles, contribute directly to our physical and emotional health, and provide significant societal and economic value. It’s not only an apple a day that keeps the doctor away; our dogs do as well.
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