It reflects our respect for pets and the importance of the foods we make. At Mars Petcare we have always taken pet nutrition seriously and in 2010 we constructed our guiding principles for pet food and nutrition.  This philosophy builds on our historical approach and demonstrates our commitment to leading in the world of pet nutrition and care in the future.

Mars Petcare Nutrition Philosophy

Pets Needs First

Mars Petcare - Paw

We put pets needs first and make nutritional foods that they love.

Advance Knowledge

Mars Petcare - Mortarboard

We advance knowledge in pet nutrition by analysing the latest science, working with independent experts and employing leading scientists.

Never Compromise

Mars Petcare - Microscope

We will never compromise on making safe, quality foods using credible and caring science.

Good Feeding Practices

Mars Petcare - Rosette

We actively drive good feeding practices by providing information, education and services.

Owners Needs

Mars Petcare - Food Bowl

We listen to owners’ needs and wants to provide a wide range of foods to fulfil their pets’ needs.

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