National Institutes of Health

Funding through the NIH / MARS WALTHAM public-private partnership: Applications are now closed

The NICHD has indicated their ongoing interest in the HAI research area and invites grant applications for research to examine:


The impact of HAI on typical and atypical child development and health;


The evaluation of animal-assisted intervention for children and adults with disabilities or in need of rehabilitative services;


The effects of animals on public health, including cost effectiveness of involving animals in reducing and preventing disease.

WALTHAM™ Human-Animal Interaction Research Programme

Applications are now closed

We are pleased to announced a call for research project applications to the 2018 Collaborative WALTHAM Human-Animal interaction Research Programme. There are up to three awards available, each for a maximum of £240,000 to support high quality, innovative research collaborations.Research eligible for funding under this call must focus on HAI (specifically companion animal ownership or interaction) as it relates to one or more of the following preferred topic areas:

  • The impact of pets on human physical and socio-emotional health (includes the concepts of physical activity, wellness, engagement, social support, usefulness, purpose and connectedness)
  • Maintenance of healthy body weight in people and pets (includes how the behaviours of both species impact the other)
Please note, preference will be given to projects that examine these issues across the lifespan and consider the importance of animal attachment and/or degree of interaction in the outcomes.
For more information on the call, please review all the supporting documents below.

WALTHAM, Mars Petcare and The Gerontological Society of America (GSA)

There are currently no active funding opportunities.

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