Speaker Interviews

Find out the key messages from the speakers

We caught up with some of the speakers after their presentations to find out their thoughts and the key messages they shared with the delegates at WINSS.

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Dr Adronie Verbrugghe from the University of Guelph, Canada was invited to present about the hot topic and challenges of “Instinctual and ancestral diets, aligning nutritional needs with physiologic and metabolic capabilities”.


Dr Joseph Wakshlag from Cornell University was one of the panellists in the hot topic presentations, alongside Dr Robert Backus, Missouri University, who together discussed the “Need, benefits, and risks of supplementing Vitamin D in dogs and cats”.


Dr Phillip Watson from WALTHAM presented work on the “Evaluation of a high calcium intake on health and physiological parameters in adult dogs”.

View the slides from Phil’s presentation here


Dr Nick Cave travelled all the way from Massey University, New Zealand to talk about some recent findings that “Raw red meat diets decrease faecal microbial diversity in the dog” and the potential consequences that may have..


Dr Janet Alexander from WALTHAM discusses the impact of diet on the bodyweight of cats after her presentation “Dietary macronutrient profile (MNP) and feline bodyweight regulation”.

View the slides from Janet’s presentation here

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