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WINSS 2016: Highlights

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All the facts and stats on WINSS 2016!

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WINSS Digital Proceedings
WINSS Digital Proceedings

In 2016, WINSS went digital

Each delegate received a Samsung Galaxy tablet that was pre-loaded with the interactive conference proceedings. The proceedings are freely available to download, click here. As part of encouraging networking and discussion amongst delegates, a closed social media network was used trialled. This allowed those in the auditorium to ask questions to the speaker, and also allowed discussion to continue long after the presentation and question session had finished.

In keeping with this year’s theme of “Growing Science in Pet Nutrition”, we looked to expand the field by reaching out to others via Twitter. Although @waltham_science was only 2 weeks old by the start of WINSS, #WINSS2016 reached over 100,000 users.

If you weren’t able to join us in Chicago but want to hear from key speakers, or want to watch the plenary talks again, you can! Find out more below.


What was discussed?

The scientific programme included 4 plenary sessions given by invited speakers. These included:

  • Nutrient Density – addressing the challenge of obesity  - Prof Adam Drewnowski
  • The 3Rs – research in an ethical context - Dr Judy MacArthur Clark
  • Promoting healthy growth in children & pets – Prof Gary Butler and Dr Alex German
  • The impact of age, disease and nutrition on human muscle mass and function (sarcopenia) - Prof Olav Rooyackers

To find out more about these talks and watch them again, click here.


Watch the plenary presentations

These feature length talks are now available to watch.


Find out what happened with the daily roundups

Day 1 Roundup: Raw meat, overfed people and experimental excellence

Day 2 Roundup: Fat cats, growing children and unusual ingestion

Day 3 Roundup: Body fat going up, muscle mass going down

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