Career Development Workshops

Growing Science (and the scientists) in Pet Nutrition

To support those in the early stages of their career there were two career development workshops. The first, led by Robin Banerji, focussed on how to promote your research via traditional media and social media. Using the media, social media, blogs and video blogs can be very powerful in promoting work and building a career.  But how can we use all these different media tools effectively? Has the very nature of the media changed with the growing popularity of social media, self-publishing, and citizen journalism?  Most importantly, why should we promote research?  And how can it be of benefit you and your career?

Hear Robin’s thoughts about why using the media is now an important part of promoting yourself and your research in the video interview.

Career Workshops 1

The second workshop discussed the rewards and challenges of a career working in the companion animal nutrition field. The first part of the session was guided by four questions posed to those in the audience to start to understand the perceived career challenges faced. Find out how today’s early career researchers in pet nutrition felt about these questions below.

In the second part of the session, the workshop split into smaller groups to discuss with experts that represented the differing paths and roles of a career in pet nutrition.

Career Workshops 2
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