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MyCatDNA 220

The MyCatDNA™ test shines new light into what makes our feline friends so special

By Dr Angela Hughes, Veterinary Genetics Research Manager at Wisdom Health

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Infobite 220

Genetic Testing For Dogs Can Help Identify Diseases And Enable Preventive Care

Results from the largest ever study of its kind

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Optigen 220

Mars Petcare Acquires Optigen

Move will provide greater access to key genetic findings for canine eye diseases

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Rocket 220

Mars Petcare Launches One of The Largest Tech Enabled Pet Health Studies

Wearable tech and electronic vet records aim to connect behaviour to pet health

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Cody 220

Mars Petcare's New Accelerator and $100 Million Venture Fund

Fast-tracking innovation to improve the lives of pets

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Owner feeding dog

Survey Weighs Up Potential Reasons Behind the Pet Obesity Crisis

Why aren't we spotting the signs?

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Reggie 220

Mars Petcare acquires Genoscoper Laboratories

Move will consolidate knowledge to rapidly expand practical application of companion animal genetics tests

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AG  220px

Facing up to obesity

An interview with Professor Alex German, long-time collaborator with Waltham, seeking solutions to the growing problem of pet obesity

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Fish 220px

Improving fish welfare, as if by magic

Internship student looking for ways to improve welfare for fish, post-transport

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Testing times

Study reveals diet can impact hormone levels used to diagnose equine disease

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Tinned pet factory 220

Demystifying cooking in a black box

New technology allows continuous sampling of food in a can during sterilisation

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QLF_with plaque 220px

Blue Light Gets Green Light From Vet Dentists

Digital plaque scoring technique endorsed by Veterinary Oral Health Council

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ESVCN diplomates 220

Nutrition conference gives scientists food for thought

If you want to find an animal nutrition researcher, ESVCN congress is a great place to do it

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Cat Tongue 220

Do cats like bonito flakes?

Study points to a novel way to test new umami flavours that might appeal to cats

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Aging dog_220

Growing old gracefully

Newly published study shows similarities between dogs and humans as they age

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Infographic 220

Making pets a part of the pension plan

New infographic explores the benefits of pet ownership for active healthy ageing

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Daisy 220

Do the microbes in a dog’s gut change with their waist line?

Ghent University early career researcher wins ESVCN-Waltham research grant in 2017

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Aarti Kathrani_220

Can chemical clues speed up diagnostics for ill cats?

Bristol University early career researcher wins AAVN-Waltham research grant in 2017.

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cat 220

Shelf Life

Why your cat likes to climb on the bookcase

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Gut Instinct

The importance of understanding bacteria in the complex digestive tract of horses and ponies: an overview of Waltham's research.

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2017 ESVCN-WALTHAM award winner announced

Congratulations to Moran Tal from the University of Guelph

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HAI: The hormonal connection

New study suggests measuring hormone concentrations in dog saliva could improve physiological understanding of animal bonding

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Life’s a beach for WALTHAM volunteers

Over 20 Mars volunteers joined a beach clean at Old Hunstanton in Norfolk.

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Are companion animals providing a senior service?

New research review looks at role of pets in healthy ageing and argues the need for better evidence of positive impacts

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Curves in all the right places

Data experts construct canine growth standards to help tackle puppy fat

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Teachers’ pets: Animals in the classroom could aid learning

New study finds that introducing living creatures in school settings may boost educational outcomes

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Great expectations: Is the pressure to be a ‘responsible’ pet owner increasing?

Britain has long been thought of as a nation of pet lovers, but the last 40 years have seen many changes in attitudes to animals and their ownership.

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ESVCN d3 team slug pres

Will Team Slug slide into reality?

Roundup of Day 3 at the first European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN) Workshop.

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Pets can be good for you – but the evidence shows it’s not quite that simple

What’s the difference between pet owners and non-pet owners? The answer is less obvious than you might think

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Research confirms that diet can help manage gastric ulcer syndrome

New results presented at 12th International Equine Colic Research Symposium.

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Do hot dogs need less food?

Investigation of pet dog diets in Bengaluru, India suggests canine energy requirements in the sub-tropics may be lower than in previous studies 

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Older dogs teach scientists new tricks when it comes to calcium

New study will enable more precise recommendations for a safe calcium upper limit in adult dog food.

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Standing still delivers perfect pictures

A combination of smart dog training and hi-tech imaging is giving new insights into canine digestion

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Too cool for school - can pets make good study buddies?

New review paper analyses the evidence for the benefits of having pets as classmates

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Why did you do that?

Round-up of Day 2 at the first European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN) Workshop.

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The power of positive thinking…. and coffee

Round-up of Day 1 at the first European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN) Workshop.

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Coping with childhood stress: could a dog be the answer?

New study suggests having a pet dog may help children deal with stress.

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Pet ownership adds to the "glue" that holds societies together

New international study finds that pet owners experience stronger neighbourhood ties.

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Violence against pets and domestic abuse: how are they linked?

Animal abuse is often associated with more widespread violence in the home and may have far reaching consequences for the children that witness it.

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Perfect portions for pocket-sized pups

Standardised energy requirements for puppies may require revision for small breeds.

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Forget the armchair, Fido needs a walk

Pet dogs could help older owners be more active, according to a new study.

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2017 AAVN Student Award Winner Announced

Congratulations to Celeste Alexander, from The University of Illinois who won this year’s award.

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Workplaces that don’t allow dogs could be barking up the wrong tree

New study suggests appropriate ‘bring your dog to work’ policies could capitalise on the positives whilst overcoming the negatives.

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Probiotics wanted: Dead or alive?

New study finds bacterial supplements for horses may be effective even if lifeless. To maximise the performance of sports horses, it is important that their energy demands are met.

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Creature comforts; pet dogs provide stress relief for children

New study shows pet dogs provide emotional support for children.

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2017 CBNA Student Award Winner announced

Congratulations to Camila Goloni, from Unesp-Jaboticabal in Brazil, who won this year’s WALTHAM Student award at the CBNA (Brazilian College Animal Nutrition) Conference.

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