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Fish food of the future?

New research suggests invertebrates could provide a sustainable source of protein.
Nearly one third of the global fish catch is currently processed into animal feed. Much of this is then used in the growing aquaculture industry, which means we are effectively recycling fish to produce fewer than we started with.

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ESVCN & WALTHAM Nutrition Research Grant now open

This year, WALTHAM has $50,000 available grants for pet nutrition research projects.
Applications are now invited for the ESVCN & WALTHAM Nutrition Research Grant.

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Can animals bring lessons to life?

Many teachers keep animals in their classrooms, either as pets or as part of a teaching program. But does this approach help students learn?

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Photo credit: Monkey Business - Fotolia / Dollar Photo Club

Animal-Assisted Therapy: can the human-animal bond treat mind and body?

New publications present the evidence and suggest future research direction

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Family pets boost child development

Growing up with a pet can bring social, emotional and educational benefit to children and adolescents according to a newly published study

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Careers event attendees

Young student scientists get a taste for careers in pet nutrition research

On 13 February we hosted our third major careers event welcoming students from the Universities of Nottingham, Leeds, Nottingham Trent and South Staffordshire College.

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Gut feel meets big data analysis

Certain bacteria could make you fat. That was the surprise finding by an American research team based at the Centre for Genome Studies in 2006. With advances in DNA sequencing technology and big data analytics, we are now able to study the impact of diet on gut bacteria in cats.

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WALTHAM International Nutritional Science Symposium

Read and watch the highlights from one of the largest pet nutrition conferences, WINSS 2016.

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Shining the light on pet dental health

WALTHAM pioneers a new method for measuring dental plaque in pets.

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Experts and policymakers discuss the value of pets

On 31 January, pet welfare and human-animal interaction experts met with policymakers in London for an in-depth discussion of the recent report "The Economic Impact of Companion Animals in the UK"

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Young meeting meeting

Free workshop to develop your career in pet nutrition

WALTHAM to sponsor 3 day forum to support researchers. Embarking on a new career or simply trying to develop within your chosen research discipline can be challenging. This is particularly true in a small, competitive global field, such as pet nutrition science.

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First UK ESVCN Congress

WALTHAM to co-organise the first European Society of Veterinary & Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN) Congress in the UK.
In September 2017, in partnership with the Royal Agricultural University, we welcome one of the largest animal nutrition conferences to Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

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New equine collaboration set to answer tough research questions

A new research partnership has been announced between the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center and the WALTHAM Equine Studies Group

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Meaty topics and fatty livers

Two young food scientists visit WALTHAM
“It’s a real challenge” explains food scientist Michelle Neville “Everyone is being advised to cut down on the amount of meat they eat but, for meat lovers, nothing else quite hits the mark”.

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220x146px horse vet owner discussion
Photo Credit: Monkey Business Images/ Shutterstock

Confused about feed supplements for horses?

With supplements for seemingly every condition and body system, what should you say or recommend to horse owners?

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Photo Credit: Anastasija Popova/ Shutterstock

Are you feeding your horse enough hay?

Experts agree to significantly increase the minimum recommendation for feeding forage following comprehensive review.

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Pets and siblings. Photo credit: Robert Kneschke/Adobe Stock
Photo credit: Robert Kneschke/Adobe Stock

Pets are a child’s best friend

New study finds that children value the companionship of their pet even more than their siblings.

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$50,000 of Nutrition Research Grants available in 2017

The field of companion animal nutrition is relatively small, but is hugely important to further our understanding of the relationship between nutrition and health. Studies in this allow us to continually improve the diets of our pets.

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Dog breeds look different on the outside, but what about the inside?

Differences between dog breeds are easily to see: Body size, colour, shape and coat type all contribute to an extraordinary range of breed appearances.
But what about what we can’t see? Are there differences in the inner workings, or metabolism, of healthy dogs that are characteristic of a particular breed as well?

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Genetic screening could help protect your cat 

New study will pinpoint disease-linked feline gene patterns

Barely a week passes without the press declaring that scientists have found genetic markers for a variety of human ills. These advances are increasingly fuelled by a boom in a method known as whole genome sequencing. This enables scientists to decipher an individual’s 3 billion letter DNA code that is the blueprint for human life.

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Dogs may be a tonic for battle scarred veterans

One in five US veterans of recent conflicts suffers from some form of post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression . This can lead to huge problems, including family breakdown, substance abuse and an inability to re-integrate with wider society.

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Pets estimated to save UK National Health Service up to £2.45 billion a year

New report quantifies economic benefits of UK pets

6th December, 2016: Pets account for millions of pounds worth of economic activity in the UK and may reduce National Health Service (NHS) costs by nearly two and a half billion pounds, according to a new report published today.

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Benefits Of Pets For Older People Takes Centre Stage In New Orleans

WALTHAM and Mars Petcare present new research results at major ageing conference

6th December, 2016: More than 3,600 international experts from academia, industry, and government gathered in New Orleans last month to discuss the science of aging at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA).

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Photo credit: Xiao Yu/Shutterstock

Voluntary activity: the missing link in accurate calculation of equine energy requirements?

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