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Pet ownership adds to the "glue" that holds societies together

Newinternational study finds that pet owners experience stronger neighbourhood ties.

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Violence against pets and domestic abuse: how are they linked?

Animal abuse is often associated with more widespread violence in the home and may have far reaching consequences for the children that witness it.

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Perfect portions for pocket-sized pups

Standardised energy requirements for puppies may require revision for small breeds.

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Forget the armchair, Fido needs a walk

Pet dogs could help older owners be more active, according to a new study.

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2017 AAVN Student Award Winner Announced

Congratulations to Celeste Alexander, from The University of Illinois who won this year’s award.

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Workplaces that don’t allow dogs could be barking up the wrong tree

New study suggests appropriate ‘bring your dog to work’ policies could capitalise on the positives whilst overcoming the negatives.

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Horse eating from bucket 220px

Probiotics wanted: Dead or alive?

New study finds bacterial supplements for horses may be effective even if lifeless. To maximise the performance of sports horses, it is important that their energy demands are met.

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Creature comforts; pet dogs provide stress relief for children

New study shows pet dogs provide emotional support for children.

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Poloni_2017 CBNA winner_220px

2017 CBNA Student Award Winner announced

Congratulations to Camila Goloni, from Unesp-Jaboticabal in Brazil, who won this year’s WALTHAM Student award at the CBNA (Brazilian College Animal Nutrition) Conference.

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