Pet housing and husbandry is of the utmost importance to us. Substantial investments are undertaken on a continual basis to ensure that high standards are achieved and that the environment meets the needs of our pets. 

Appropriate socialization, exercise and play are also essential to the wellbeing of our pets.
Each pet receives several hours of daily socialisation both with other pets of the same species and with their human carers. This involves regular play sessions with a variety of toys as well as, of course, plenty of cuddles!

Caring Science Cat

Our Caring Science approach means that our scientists are always looking for innovative ways to obtain the research data we need without compromising pet welfare.

Our reward-based training ensures that the tasks the pets carry out in order to complete a scientific study are a fun and rewarding experience. 
These methods offer massive benefits because they produce more credible and relevant results. These can be transferred to pets everywhere through the brands of Mars Petcare helping to create a Better World for Pets.

All research conducted at WALTHAM adheres to the Mars, Incorporated policy on scientific research and engagement, which can be viewed here.

Our Caring Science approach includes:

Specialist carers who look after the wellbeing of our pets including regular grooming and bathing, exercise and recreational time

Living areas designed to ensure the welfare of our pets is optimal, including breed size specific housing for dogs

Saliva collection from cats and dogs using positive reward based clicker training which allows us to collect samples on cotton wool buds

A sensory garden and activity trail for dogs that provides stimulation and play while teaching us about their behaviour

Pet friendly solutions to gathering research data which includes using positive reward based clicker training

Bespoke enrichment for cats such as shelving and hiding areas which provide environmental stimuli for optimal psychological and physiological wellbeing

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