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The WALTHAM Foundation is a non-charitable organisation dedicated to expanding the frontiers of humane scientific research into the nutrition and healthy longevity of companion animals around the world.

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Since its inception in 2001, the WALTHAM Foundation has funded projects in over 20 countries and provided in excess of US $1,000,000 towards research that helps to improve the health and welfare of companion animals worldwide. Up to 15 projects are funded per year. The vast number of peer-reviewed publications and internationally recognized presentations emanating from this work (over 500 to date) is a testament to the scientific calibre of the proposals we receive and the quality of the studies we have supported. WALTHAM is proud to partner with many of the world’s leading researchers.

In 2015, the WALTHAM Foundation offered grants to scientists, veterinarians and nutritionists globally to improve and enrich the lives of companion animals. Projects are of a veterinary, nutritional, or behavioural nature.

All projects complied with WALTHAM's ethical guiding principles: the research must not inflict suffering or result in the euthanasia of the animals involved. All clinical studies must have informed owner consent.

Application forms for the 2016 WALTHAM Foundation grant may be downloaded by clicking  below.

2016 WALTHAM Foundation Application Form

 APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications are due by 1st March 2016.

CONTACT US: If you have questions about the WALTHAM Foundation or the application process, please send your inquiry to: waltham.foundation@waltham.com

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Selection Process

All applications are evaluated by a team of scientists to ensure each complies with our ethical principles, the science is of a high standard, and the research will increase collective knowledge of and benefit the care or well-being of companion animals.
We encourage researchers to share the results of WALTHAM Foundation studies as broadly as possible through appropriate conferences and symposia, driving forward our vision to create a better world for pets.

We receive many high calibre applications each year. Please do not be discouraged if your application is not selected. Unfortunately we are not able to provide feedback on projects that are not selected for funding. We sincerely appreciate your interest in the WALTHAM Foundation.



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